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"If it’s Loud and Fast, I usually like it." That saying has guided me in my Motorsport artwork for many years. I’ve been around fast bikes, cars, and racers my whole life. I’ve been fortunate to have painted NASCAR images for Jack Daniels & Richard Childress Racing. Barrett-Jackson, The Bonneville Salt Flats, The Indianapolis 500, Several Street Machine’s of the Year, and the Best of the Best have been my subjects for many years now.

I’ve noticed the Biker’s, Racers, and Builders I call my friends are a little more daring than most. So is my Artwork. Lately I’ve decided to paint some new subjects, in addition to my Motorsport Art. You’ll find my experiences and paintings to be "Loud and Fast" and a little more daring than most.

I’ll still be exhibiting at all the major bike events and races so check my schedule on my Facebook Page and keep an eye out for our rig. In addition to these events you’ll see my paintings popping up in some of the finer art galleries and questionable joints worldwide.

Thanks for enjoying and supporting my artwork for over thirty years.

- Eric

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