An Original Painting by Hamster, Eric Herrmann 

The Hamsters are a group of Motorcyclists that ride custom motorcycles and advance that segment of the industry. A very select group of over 300 members worldwide, The Hamsters originally started with premier bike builders, artists, and craftsmen.

I’ve been a Hamster for over twenty years now, and have had this idea for awhile, but the 30th Anniversary seemed like the appropriate time. Most of you know my art & how I like to hide stuff within the painting. Well, this one has all kinds of hidden Hamster stuff.

I started with a beautifully polished 124 in a bike with the correct colors. A perfect representation of a “Hamster” bike. Two Hamsters are running on the open primary, kind of like a Hamster wheel, on steroids. One has a plate with a steak in one hand and a piston in the other. The other Hamster is running with a beer and some wrenches in his back pocket. One heading East, one heading West.
The front pulley, a 30 with a Hamster, and the dates 1978-2008. The rear pully, Hamsters USA, with a 78 tattoo. Hamsters USA is in the motor location of Made in USA. There are Hamsters on the end caps of the forward controls and the brake pedal. The Hamster, Mt. Rushmore logo is reflected in the oil filter and the forward control pivot. There is also a Hamster where the BDL Logo used to be. The founders names are in the top teeth of the belt. There’s a Hamster keychain & a Hamster hidden in the seat. The pattern used in the ground is all Hamster Heads which brings the grand total of Hamsters in this painting to over 325. So I hope you all enjoy some Hamster fine art.

Available to Hamsters Only. 20" x 30" Canvas Giclee' prints, signed, numbered, & personalized with your name & date of Induction.

The Copyrights to this image are currently For Sale. Own an income producing property and a part of 'Hamster" History. Keep it in the Organization for twenty years & pass it along, or this image may die when I do! Hamsters Only, contact me for details. 2008 C