Wash Day

Wash Day


I was washing my bike one day and noticed how cool the bubbles looked. The original 'Wash Day' painting measures 44" x 66" and took me over four months to complete. Several years after I did the painting I decided to use this paint scheme on my latest custom bike 'Suds'.

"Wash Day" was sold the fist time for $11,000.00 in the 1990's. Then again in the 30K range, again in the 50K range, and is currently on the secondary market for $96,000.00. I have sold prints to  Willie G. Davidson, Celebrities, Pro Athletes, and Bikers worldwide. I was told this is a big image in Japan and appears on place mats in Restaurants (no I'm not getting royalties!). I put the time & effort in this, and all my Paintings, but you never know when you're hitting a Home Run. "Wash Day" has become an iconic work of art and hopefully will give enjoyment for centuries. Cool!

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Las Vegas NV and is currently available for $96,000.00. Interested parties contact me. 1996 C


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