Kings of the Corkscrew


The inaugural "King of the Baggers" race held at Laguna Seca Raceway features one of the most famous turns in racing. "The Corkscrew" drops 8 stories in under 500 feet. A moment in time captured as all three podium finishers come flying through this famous turn. This inaugural race exhibition generated so much excitement; "The King of the Baggers" race is being turned into a series of races. Could this historic race be the start of something as big as NASCAR.  

This first exhibition race has spawned a new series of races and organizations. Moto America has their series "King of the Bagger", and "The Bagger Racing League" is hosting races with several classes. Great enthusiasm and youth at this new racing format and new opportunities for me to create some motorcycle racing history in my lifetime!

The second image is with a hand painted frame. I wrapped the chain link fence around the frame, added another Eagle, clear coated the frame, and made this piece 3 dimensional. Contact me for images with painted frames. They cost $2500.00, including the print.

"Kings of the Corkscrew" Original Painting is on display & in the collection of Pikes Peak Indian. I got Tyler O'Hara the winning Indian rider to sign the original. One of the early 70's winning Baja Racers once said, "If I knew I was creating History, I would have paid more attention". I'm paying attention and believe this racing is going somewhere. Honored to be part of it. 2021 C

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