I’m frequently asked if I do commissions, which is when a customer wants his or her car or bike painted on canvas. Of course I do…depending upon my schedule. Many of my paintings are commissions of sorts. The work I’ve done for Jack Daniel’s was commissioned. I’ve just gotten to a level in my art career where the customer usually leaves the details up to me. I’ve included a few commission works and my thoughts to give you an idea.

"Jody 264"

Jody Perewitz, holder of ten Land Speed Records, member of the Bonneville 201 club, and SheMoto Award winner is the subject of Eric Herrmann's latest painting. Eric traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats for reference photos and to witness firsthand Jody's latest accomplishment of shattering the current record for her class with a blistering 207.803 MPH.

A unique collage painting was created to capture Jody's confidence and race focus as well as the character and mystique of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The original painting measures 30" x 40" and has been sold to a Museum along with her Historic, Record Setting, Race Bike.

Posters have been created with the type "Support Salt Racing" and this image.Support the Sport! Available on my web site.

"The Home Stretch"

The Home Stretch was commissioned by Kim Reno for her husband Augie who received a fellowship into The American Society of Architects. Very prestigious Augie! Augie is a famous Mountain Architect with offices in Aspen CO & Carefree AZ. Since he has an awesome car collection, many of which he restored himself, we immediately got along.

The pride of his collection is his 1937 Chevy Deluxe Business Coup.
Kim, on the sneak, slips me some workable photos. I decided to place two of Augie’s significant mountain residences reflected in the fenders. He’s also a baseball fan; you’ll notice the fence, and likes to sing. Find the tenor notes hidden throughout. Augie & Kim are blasting out of town as their two daughter wave goodbye. They’re gonna party in the new estate!

What a fun project! Augie was very surprised. The hardest part was swearing our mutual friends to secrecy through this project.

Mike’s 56


Another fun commission. Mike has this beautiful 1956 Thunderbird that he has owned for many years. He’s also a collector of all kinds of memorabilia. The General store in the background is on his property in Minnesota. Its chock full of stuff Mike has collected over the years. So to Mike, this painting represents his life. This image is available in several print formats on my web site.



After winning the coveted "Street Machine of the Year" award, GM Design award, and Trendsetters award, Barry Blomquist’s C1-RS Corvette was destined to go down in automotive history. The Gerber brothers of The Roadster Shop fame amassed countless hours and the finest craftsmen in the world to create this stunning 1962 Corvette. Talking with Eric at his art display during The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, Barry decided to take his “Roadster” to an even higher level and commissioned Eric Herrmann to create a fine art painting to immortalize this famous vehicle.

Eric flew to an open house at The Roadster Shop for a photo shoot and was treated to an inspiring ride in the C1-RS by Barry. A longtime motorcycle racer, Eric wasn’t aware of Barry’s lifelong enthusiasm for automobiles and his ability to use the 600+ horsepower under his foot. Blasting through Midwestern country roads Barry and Eric found a perfect setting in the trees to pose the “Roadster”.

Back in his Arizona studio, armed with hundreds of photos, Eric began the two month long painting project. With only his brushes, acrylic paint, and canvas, Eric has created another world-class work of art, simply titled “Roadster”. I’m very fortunate to have risen to this level in my art career where the finest vehicles in the world are offered to me as subjects, states Eric. Barry’s new painting “Roadster” measuring 30” x 46” hangs proudly in his home where he can view it daily when he’s not out tearing up the countryside.

This image is available in several print formats on my web site.

"Stony Valley Contracting"

A very large (5' x 6') painting for the new office of Stony Valley Contracting. A large rock crushing operation up in the Oil Sands of Canada. The owners ran across my work in a Bar in B.C. and thought I would be a good choice of artists, due to my technical ability and knowledge of mechanical objects. Working remotely with the Director of Operations, he educated me on the required equipment used, and the building & operations in general. Between pictures they sent, a list of equipment, and an understanding of the operation, we put this painting together. While I would have liked to go there, it was 40 below and in the winter. This three month long project was then crated and shipped North.

Stoney Valley and the owners have since commissioned me to do several additional paintings, and have collected several of my Motorcycle Originals as well. A fun & interesting project with nice people. The way a Corporate & Creative relationship should work! Thanks Stony Valley!