Copyrights for Sale

After painting Motorcycles and other subjects for over thirty years, I've decided to sell the Copyrights to my Images. With well over 100 images, the system has become a full time job managing print sales, licensing aggreements, shows, and social media. Without adding staff, this full time job has kept me away from Painting, which is what I truely enjoy. I've retained all of my Copyrights over the years thinking I'd leave them to my Family. The kids have grown and taken their own paths, so I'd like to pass these on to someone who will keep my Art alive, well after I'm gone. And we all know, once the Artist kicks, is when the price skyrockets!

 Many of my images have become Famous and will sell for several lifetimes. My documentation of early motorcycles will become increasingly rare as we move to electric vehicles.These images produce current annual sales in the six figure range, and have for many years. Included with the Copyrights are print inventory, domain names, and possibly equipment. Contact me directly for additional information. Asking 1.5 Mil. Possible terms available.