Tequila Tycoon

Tequila Tycoon


After a weekend enjoying some of the finer Tequila’s with friends, I found myself wandering around my desert compound looking at Blue Agave plants and trying not to fall into them. Cool looking plants. Colorful, beautiful, but still spiky and kind of menacing. Like a fine bottle of Tequila. It starts with a beautiful bottle, but you never know where you’re going to end up. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just walk over and pick me a bottle!

Well, in my world I can. I rounded up the bottles scattered around the studio, checked out the Blue Agave plants, and created my perfect Tequila Plantation. If I actually owned this imaginary plantation, I’d be a Tequila Tycoon! I could wander around my plantation, check on my Agave’s, and watch them bloom; harvest them before they spoil...

It’s good to be a ‘Tequila Tycoon’.

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