This 90's Painting was commissioned by Mike Corbin, a pillar of the Motorcycle Industry. He had just come out with his Warbird, body component system, which was used on "Top Gun" Doug Morrows record setting Drag Bike.

I thought we should have this bike launching off an Aircraft Carrier. Unbeknownst to me, Mike spent 4 years on a Carrier, The Ranger. I went to a toy store to get a model of an Aircraft Carrier for reference photos. They had The Ranger! I built the model, floated it in our Hot Tub, and took reference photos from above. I painted this massive piece 5' x 6' and it still hangs in The Corbin corporate showroom in Hollister CA. These early commissions from the Motorcycle Industry really helped my painting and career. "Warbird" was produced as promotional posters and thousands were handed out during the nineties. Thank You Mike Corbin, who has always supported the sport!

The Original Painting is in the Collection of Corbin-Pacific in Hollister CA. 1994

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