Eric's painting titled, 'Toxic', places master builder Harold Pontarelli's chopper in unusual surroundings. 'The chopper had a unique paint job using green muscle tissue and skulls within the design' says Eric. I decided to expand on the 'Toxic' theme and placed the bike in an aging refinery. Within the painting you'll find skeletons driving the flaming semi, and a skeleton crew on the graveyard shift, wandering around the refinery. Muscle tissue oozes from the ground and toxic wastes leaks from nearby barrels. You'll find almost twenty hidden skulls and skeletons everywhere from the clouds to the valve stem caps. The original painting took three months to complete and measured over four feet by five feet.

My best seller to women is "Wash Day". I get that, the soap bubbles and red. My second best seller to women is "Toxic". That I don't understand!

The Original Painting is in the collection of Harold Pontarelli who built the bike, in Vaccaville CA. 2001

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