The Afterburn

The Afterburn


This pilot's view from the cockpit of an F-16 above a formation of bikes is my way of portraying the freedom fighting attitude of American motorcyclists. " Many of my close riding friends are Desert Storm and Vietnam veterans. I've found bikers to be the first to step up in time of need." Both the terrain and the sky form the Stars and Stripes of the Flag. All of the ensignias on the back of the bikers jackets have meaning as well. I struggled with the cockpit until meeting Lt. Col. "Moondawgie" of the 162nd. Fighter wing. Moon flies and rides, got me in an F-16 simulator, and invited me up for a future flight. This painting could not have been completed without the assistance of "Moondawgie" and all the Viper drivers and riders at the 162 Fighter Wing. Thanks to you all for my freedom.

The Original painting is in the private collection of a world renowned Aviator. Prints of this image have been purchased by Generals and Military Aviators and hang in offices in Asia and Europe. I received a letter from The Air Force complimenting me on the accuracy of the cockpit, controls and gauges. Respect!

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Cave Creek AZ. 2001

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