"Scarlet" strikes an intimidating pose with her Machine Gun, Fedora, hot car, and other natural attributes. Not one to be messed with, you can give her your best shot, and she’ll come back smokin.

As with most of Eric’s art, it’s the subtle details, and as Eric put’s it, ‘turning up the volume a few levels’, that really tells the story. Shell casings, 1936 Ford Phaeton, 1926 Thompson Machine gun, 45 bullet holes, hidden outlaws, and just a taste of a beautiful woman’s secrets, add to the mystique of "Scarlet". This is one hot chick that’s going to leave you on the edge of your seat for the whole ride.

Eric started working on "Scarlet" during the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction 2009. Speed TV took an interest in the painting and covered the progress during several days of International TV coverage. 

The Original Painting is in a  private collection in Davis Island FL. 2007

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