Ride the Arizona Backroads


After riding the Arizona Backroads for 40 years I decided to write and illustrate a book on this beautiful State and lesser known roads. With 92 pages, over 35 illustrations, and over 15 of my favorite rides. Numerous stories from the road are included, along with 10 maps and points of interest. Illustrated with drawings of bikes, and scenery throughout, my riders guide contains important information for motorcyclists. Chapters on Guns, Cops, Fuel, Wildlife & Critters, Bars and Restaurants, and Climate & Elevation changes are included. Routes are designed to minimize the Freeways and take you down the backroads through this amazing State. Day rides of 150 miles to 600 miles with skill level ratings and most everything you need to know as a rider has been addressed. 

Whether you're a seasoned Arizona rider or new to riding in this state, I think you'll find my book informative and entertaining. There's been a lot of riding stories over the years and I've included some classics! All of these rides can also be taken in a car, bringing you to some of the more remote and scenic areas of Arizona. Haven't been to Arizona yet? Enjoy the book and drawings and you'll be planning your next trip out west!

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