When Bourget came out with wide car tire bikes, I thought they were extremely cool and wanted one. We made a deal, a custom bike for a large Original Painting. I did this bad ass painting and he never came through! I had to repo this piece from his home. His bikes looked cool, but were dangerous & unrideable. I had a reputable builder build my bike Suds, and it all worked out for the best. I never put this painting into print as I didn't want to promote his bikes. My financial loss again. I wanted to take this piece out to the desert and shoot holes in it, Suzanne stopped me. I wholesaled it to get it out of my sight.

It's really ashame what People & Corporations do to Art by manipulating it and turning it into instant profit. Create a good product, painting, and the money will come. I can look at this piece finally and enjoy it. My Chrome is dialed in, the colors work. I pulled off a nice "Wash" technique to create the Jungle with the Python and Bird he's having for dinner. The big front tire works and the bike flows in the painting. Looks Great, not ride able.

The Original Painting is in Los Angeles CA. 1999

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