Panigale V-4 R

Panigale V-4 R


Ducati's venerable V-4 motor represents the pinnacle of motor & engineering excellence at this time. Place in a Panigale frame & configuration you have a street legal track bike of exceptional quality. I've painted custom bikes, antiques, and race bikes. There's not much motor shown to appreciate and paint, but the fit, finish, and engineering on this entire motorcycle is something to enjoy. After riding one of these beasts, I decided I need to add this to my collection of motorcycle paintings.

This painting left me with some specific challenges. The brushed aluminum of the gas tank and exactness of the triple trees. The red glistened with magenta and dark violets. While the painting shows no forward motion, there are times, and machines, that you can just sit and look at. This is one of them. Panigale V-4 added to a wall brightens your day and shows others what you are made of. Speed!

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in Mobile AL. 2020

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