Jody 264

Jody 264


Jody Perewitz, holder of ten Land Speed Records, member of the Bonneville 201 club, and SheMoto Award winner is the subject of Eric Herrmann's latest painting. Eric traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats for reference photos and to witness firsthand Jody's latest accomplishment of shattering the current record for her class with a blistering 207.803 MPH.

A unique collage painting was created to capture Jody's confidence and race focus as well as the character and mystique of the Bonneville Salt Flats. I brought Salt Flats salt home to my studio. It was used in the painting process to create the unique texture on the ground. The original painting measures 30" x 40" and has been sold to a Museum along with her Historic, Record Setting, Race Bike. Posters have been produced using this image with the copy "Support Salt Racing". This often overlooked segment of Motorcycle Racing carries no winning purse, and is mostly Privately Funded. Support the Sport!

The Original Painting is in a Museum Collection in Boston.

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