Jack Daniel's Old School since 1866

Jack Daniel's Old School since 1866


The fine folks at Jack Daniel's approached me with the idea of creating a motorcycle work of art with a Jack Daniel's flair. Well I know Jack, and I know motorcycles, so the idea intrigued me. What I didn't know, sent me down a three year road that educated me about the famous Jack Daniel's. Several trips to Lynchburg Tennessee, where the distillery is located, sent me back in time, as I photographed Mr. Jack Daniel's office and other significant landmarks. It was a cold early morning, ice on the trees, the first time I was there. There's a cave spring that Jack Daniel's used water from in his distilling process. Steam was rising from the historic waters and I envisioned Mr. Jack as he first discovered this magical place. The small town of Lynchburg is equally unique. Spring brings a wealth of colors to this beautiful area and the riding is magnificent. So without making this story too long I returned to my studio armed with photos and visual memories to begin my painting journey.

The Original Painting is in a corporate collection in Denver CO. 2004

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