Husquvarna, named after a city in Sweden, was founded in 1689 to produce Muskets. They built their first bike in 1903. This early "Husky" logo on a Motorcycle was always one of my favorites as it has a gun sight within the design elements. The company has been parted out since it's early inception and manufactures a variety of equipment from sewing machines to forestry & lawn care machines, as well as Motorcycles.

The logo has all been done in a variety of leafs, Gold, Bronze, & Silver, applied to the canvas. The painted areas were done conventionally with a brush & acrylic paint. When I "cleared" over the finished painting all of the Leafs lost the shine & sparkle they normally have. The result is a sort of Patina or aged gold & bronze surface. I like this look better as it adds to the age of this historic work. A simple, yet elegant piece that fits in any home or office with elegance, and defines you as an astute Motorcyclist!

The Original Painting is in my Collection and available For Sale. 2019

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