Gettin Lucky

Gettin Lucky


It's 2001 and I'm doing a painting for The Laughlin River Run. I was getting into hiding images within my work. I made Laughlin look like the old west, with the Stage Coach and horses. I know it's 2001 because I usually hide the date (01 on the Stage Coach). There's a small train across the street, reflected in the Gas tank. Ace up his sleeve, $500.00 chips flowing from John's pockets, Benjamin's stashed. Jeannie, my model for 25 years now, had no boobs. I gave her the perfect set, with nipples rubbing on John's back. She liked them so much, she went out and bought a very large pair! You can check them out in several of my paintings, "Scarlet" and a few others. She's packin a Derringer while her hair turns to flames.

There was a lot of research and effort in this painting. A great point in time & my art career. Jeannie has become a Local Celebrity and John was a H-D instructor at MMI for many years. This was a year before the shooting in Laughlin and the event was rolling!

Good Times!

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in the Midwest. 2004

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