Cowboy & Indian 2

Cowboy & Indian 2


After I sold my first Cowboy and Indian painting at the start of my career, I was commissioned at Barrett-Jackson to do another with a specific person, similar to the first Cowboy & Indian painting. I took photographs of this dude and an Indian at the event, which I believe he bought at the auction. Probably early 90's and within a year or two of the first Cowboy and Indian painting.

Again, kind of simplistic by today's standards. I did advance from the first piece with some more background shading. The bike is beginning to look more realistic, but I don't have the chrome to the degree I have today. The wheels are at least round. Not a bad piece. A more Graphic feel, like it should be a Poster or Advertisement. I think I got $2500.00 for this one as it was a custom piece. Decent money for the times and an unknown name.

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in Atlanta, GA. 1992

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