Cowboy & Indian 1

Cowboy & Indian 1


 A very early painting, late 80's-90's. I was just getting started painting  Motorcycles professionally full time. I had done other paintings, but with random subjects. This early Bike painting sold at Barrett-Jackson and I got a commission for another bike painting. Well that was the start of painting bikes!

Very simplistic by my art of today's standards. Not too much interior paint work on the bike's sheet metal. I hadn't noticed the details yet. Once you do, you can't go back and not see them. So, over time, my paintings have gotten progressively more detailed. Which doesn't make this any less of a painting.

I enjoy the colors and simplicity of this piece and I had a sense of humor, even way back. The Original sold to a client in Atlanta, and his buddy commissioned me to paint him as a Cowboy in my next piece. At the time I think I sold this for $1500.00. The dude calls every few years and wants to know how much his painting is worth. Lots more!

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in Atlanta GA. 1990

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