75 Spearfish Canyon

75 Spearfish Canyon


Having attended Sturgis for over 25 consecutive years, Eric has put on some miles in the Black Hills. One of his favorite rides is the beautiful "Spearfish Canyon". Eric also exhibits his art at Cheyenne Crossing, the top entrance to Spearfish Canyon.

I've ridden through the canyon on both road and dirt bikes. We've hiked, fished, and rock climbed here. I've run across wild life and paw prints so large, I've turned around. Over the years we've collected all the forest service maps, elevations, and know the fire roads. I live in this canyon 2-3 weeks a year, states Eric.

Armed with all his reference material, Eric set out to make a representation of the twenty mile canyon that has over fifty twist and turns for motorcyclists. 75 motorcycles to be exact. Representing the 75th Anniversary of this historic event. Many of Eric's motorcycle references are from experience and the people he has met in the canyon. You'll find burnouts, riders riding no-handed, wheelies, and biker fun throughout. Following is a list of notable points of interest, animals and vehicles:

  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • HomeStake Hydro Plant (1917)
  • RoughLock Falls
  • Devil's Bathtub
  • Spearfish Canyon Lodge
  • Latchstring Inn
  • Elmore (former Lumber Camp)
  • Terry Peak
  • Annie Creek
  • Cheyenne Crossing

You'll also find the following:

  • 75 Motorcycles
  • Assorted Trikes & Offroad Vehicles
  • 1 Mountain Lion
  • 1 Frog
  • 6 Deer
  • 1 Trout
  • 2 Mountain Goats
  • 1 Eagle
  • 5 Turkey
  • 27 Birds
  • 3 Double Semi Trucks
  • 1 Buffalo
  • 1 Narrow Gauge Rail Train
  • 2 Rock Climbers
  • 1 Doberman
  • 1 32 Ford (Flathead)
  • Lot's of Biker's fishing, camping, swimming, riding, and having fun.

The original painting "75 Spearfish Canyon" took years of research and months to paint. All completed with only a brush and acrylic paints, measuring 36" x 48", it is available for $22,000.00. Fine Art signed & numbered Canvas Giclee's are available in several sizes from $850.00 to $2000.00. Eric's popular "G Art" metal panels are $40.00 and a limited edition litho print is in the works.

During the Rally, Eric's main location is at Cheyenne Crossing, in the Canyon. His art can be viewed at locations throughout the Back Hills including: Roma's Restaurante, The #10 Saloon, One Eyed Jack's, Easyriders Saloon, The Stockade, and Satellite Locations at Black Hills H-D, Broken Spoke, and Deadwood.

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