36 Cadillac

36 Cadillac


An early 80's painting of a car I drove across the auction block at Barrett-Jackson. During the College years, I took any job I could get, especially a job around cars or bikes. During the Barrett-Jackson Auction in January, I was a car runner. We were shuffled to cars in a Golf Cart, I had to get them started, and then drive them across the Auction Block. I got to see thousands of Antique & Collectible cars and actually drive them for a few hundred yards.

I particularly remember this vehicle and the elegance of that era. A stunning work of art. They just don't make them like this anymore. A few years after I drove it I got some photographs and did a painting this car. I love the colors, the tans and deep greens, but my work was very simplistic and not where I'm at today.  These early paintings may have taken a few days to a week to complete. Today they take me from a month to four months.

The Original has Vanished over time. 1991

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