In Good Company

In Good Company


‘In Good Company’ began as a statement on gun legislation and evolved into a work honoring our Military Veterans and Firefighters. The military veteran, who was trained to use weapons, encounters a sign reading ‘Gun Check Ahead’. How can you train us on the use of guns, and then take them away! A thumbs up from a Ranch Gal that obviously has ties to our brave firefighters, voices her approval.

Eric is know for the details within his work and “In Good Company’ does not disappoint. The Pick Up Truck abounds with Firefighter details including the Granite Mountain Maltese and the number 19 honoring lost firefighters in the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona. An area Eric frequently rides in. You’ll also find Ammo boxes, A Pulaski, Gear, Beer cans, Weapons, and Vietnam service bars. The cute Cowgirl is amply reflected in the mirror.

The rider sports a vest with four branches of the military as well as a Combat Veterans Insignia. The patriotic rider shoots left handed with a license plate that reads ‘Glock”. Armed and on alert, I doubt these two will be giving up their weapons any time soon!

The Original Painting is in a Corporate collection in Minnesota. 2017 C

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