Spike's Garage

Spike's Garage


"Spike's Garage" is about the journey. It takes place in a little town called Nothing, Arizona, population 4, on the ride to Laughlin. No reason to stop there except when you're riding. Did you ever notice how clear the air is out here in the desert? Or how the dog running after your bike is always a little yapper? Check out that gal on the chopper. I've seen her in Laughlin before. How about those hot rods at the pumps, dual carbs, open primary, 4-valve heads? I wonder about the folks who broke down in that old car, never made it to Laughlin, must be the 4 people that live in Nothing! Spike sure is a tough little guy. I guess if you're that small you've got to have a little attitude. Well, only 100 miles left. I'm going to try and catch that chick on the chopper and ride with her into Laughlin.

Another early painting from the 90's as noticed by the style of bike. My paintings at this time were large in scale, Barn Door size. Well maybe 4'x 5'.

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Las Vegas NV. 2005

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