Silver & White Heritage / Harley & Indian

Silver & White Heritage / Harley & Indian


A 90's painting which was originally titled "Harley & Indian". Behind the bike, I had an Indian standing looking at the bike, wearing an American Flag shirt. It was very cool and quite a statement. I was in negotiations with H-D at the time and they didn't care for the Indian, so I painted it out. The deal fell through and now I've got a painting that's not as cool as it was. Lesson learned, I'm not changing my art for any company, reason, dollar amount...unless the choice is my own. I'm better off on my own. I don't like being told  what bikes to paint or theme. That's corporate sell out shit and doesn't allow an artist to paint what they feel.

My paintings were improving at this point, chrome was getting better and the motors were starting to get more details. I really like my use of unrealistic color in this painting and others of this era.

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in the Midwest. 1994

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