Not Pork

Not Pork


I attend lots of bike events every year and one thing I've noticed is the amount of metric bikes showing up. We all have our preferences but I try to ride them all. At least check them out. I took out this custom Road Star at Sturgis and was running 115 with throttle left. Enough to inspire me to do a painting. A very impressive bike with lots of nice custom features. I also found out why artists have painted the Grand Canyon for hundreds of years. It's ever changing (kind of like our bikes) and very difficult to capture the angles, shadows, and shapes.

This Yamaha Roadstar was produced as prints and t shirts and distributed through Yamaha's catalog and dealerships. Ironically, I've had H-D dealerships call and order this piece, until I tell them it's a Yamaha.

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Los Angeles CA. 2005

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