King of Flames

King of Flames


I was fueling up during a run and I noticed this flamed Road King® at another pump. Nice Bike. As I started painting this piece I kind of went flame crazy. I estimate painting over 4000 flames in this work including the ground, clouds, headlight, and most of the painting in the reflections.

Before I painted the flames though, I was sponsored by R.J. Reynolds, Camel brand. They wanted a "Camel" specific painting to be used for billboards, and an advertising campaign. I painted in all this cool Joe Camel stuff with Hydroplanes, racing shit they were involved in. I showed up at a paid gig for them with this Bad Ass painting. I threw out a price and they severely low balled me with an insulting price. I went home painted out the Camels, up in flames. The next event with them, they were blown away with what I did and said that was the first part of the price negotiation. Whatever. It's sold longer and better than if it was The Camel Painting. Corporate doesn't work for me. They're about the money, I'm about the art.

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Los Angeles CA. 2004

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