Jack Daniel's Historic

Jack Daniel's Historic


After completion of his latest motorcycle painting for Jack Daniel’s, motor sport artist Eric Herrmann was asked by the famous whiskey maker to create an original work of art for its entry into NASCAR racing. After spending months of research at races, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, and Richard Childress Racing, Eric has completed another truly unique work of art. Eric has become known for the subtleties within his paintings and the amount of research he compiles for his artwork. ‘Historic’ delves into the history of Jack Daniel’s as well as the roots of NASCAR racing. With two different versions of race cars depicted in a historic warehouse, Eric has incorporated a subtle story about the famed whiskey maker and its historic entry into NASCAR, as one of the first distilled spirits sponsors of a NASCAR racing team. The cars in ‘Historic’ are two accurately rendered versions of a Super Speedway and a Short Track car built by Richard Childress Racing. Placed in a garage - warehouse setting with toolboxes, tires, and a spare motor, Eric spent over five months painting the details, which have been examined for technical accuracy by crew members and executives at R.C.R. As with many of Eric’s paintings, you’ll find images hidden within the artwork. 

The Original Painting is in a corporate collection in Milwaukee WI.


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