Indy 2000

Indy 2000


 The Indianapolis 500 is the most famous motorsport event in the world. For the first time ever in the 84 years of this great event, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has selected a motorcycle of choice to commemorate this historic date. The specially designed and built Titan/Indy 500 motorcycle will be produced in limited quantities, with the first bike going to this years winner of the Indianapolis 500.

World renowned motorcycle artist Eric Herrmann was selected by the Speedway to create a painting of this historic motorcycle for the 2000 Indianapolis 500. For the first time in the 84-year running of Indy, the Speedway has had an officially licensed motorcycle artist. Eric's rendition of the Titan/Indy bike highlights the tank and motor section of this famous motorcycle. Within the reflections of the tank, as if bursting out of this year's race logo, are an Indy race car and the memorable scoring pylon known so well to race fans.

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Phoenix AZ. 2000

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