High Noon

High Noon


The third official painting in the Laughlin series takes place in Oatman, a small town a short ride from Laughlin. Choppers are big again and this classic Pat Kennedy is poised at High Noon as if awaiting the showdown. The bullet holes and the smoking gun give an indication as to who won this fight.

Another period build from the late 90's. Single downtube frame, no hand controls, there was a lot of interesting, handcrafted parts on this bike. It's went through several owners, Bandit, at Easyriders, and currently at Strokers Dallas with Rick Fairless. It like a good piece of Art. Timeless! This bike is as cool today as when it was built. Again, honored to be painting Motorcycle History!

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Indianapolis IN. 2003

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