Gummied Bears


Exploring the world of Cannabis edibles, Eric has taken some of the finer edibles available and created another unconventional still life painting. Edibles work well for muscle aches and pains and Eric shows it in this work with the mischievous Gummy Bears. Raising the Marijuana Leaf Lollipop, other Gummied Bears look on and cheer while eating crackers and brownies. Eric admits to being a 'Gummied Bear" while working on this painting.

The original 'Gummied Bears' painting took 2 months to complete, measures 24" x 36" and is available for $13,000.00. Limited Edition Giclee' prints on canvas are available in two sizes from $850.00. Paper Litho prints are being produced and will be available for $125.00.

Eric Herrmann Studios is currently working on a complete line of Cannabis related products that will be featuring his art. Look for his products at finer glass stores worldwide. For additional information:

Facebook: HempstersAmerica
Instagram: @ Hempsters_America

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