Garage Art


Original paintings of your vehicles, affordable for the times.

Artist Eric Herrmann is well known for his original motorsport paintings on canvas and his highly collectable limited edition prints. For twenty years now he has elevated motorsport art to the museum and gallery level with massive canvases fetching mid five figure price tags. Well, temporarily at least, times have changed.

Always the creative one, Eric was searching for a process to create original paintings of your vehicles, with an affordable price tag. Not computer generated, or airbrush art, but an original painting done with a brush and paint. While painting some graphics on the bathroom door in my studio, I refined an old process, and developed my new line of ‘Garage Art’ paintings.

Measuring 16” x 30”, sheet metal panels are coated with black paint in a cross hatch pattern that resembles a canvas finish. I then paint in a reverse fashion, using the black of the panel as a color. Kind of like a Velvet Elvis or Jimi Hendricks poster from the 60’s & 70’s states Eric. Once complete, the panels are clear coated and framed. Bikes, Street Rods, Race Vehicles, Boats, the list is endless. From $400.00 for an original painting to $500.00 for a work of art with your vehicle & lettering, Eric has once again created a new market for the times.

In an effort to keep the price reasonable, Eric has standardized the size and will limit the original paintings only to vehicles. "Don’t ask me to paint you on your bike, or your family or pets in the background", says Eric. "These are only temporary, and I may not do them forever, but I’m sure having fun with them for now", says Eric. They don’t have the detail or size of my $40,000.00 canvas works, but they are original paintings for under five hundred bucks. Send me an e mail photo of your vehicle, and within a week or two, you have an original painting from Eric.