Another early 90's painting of my friend Elaine's Knucklehead. I was in my 30's and Elaine was in her 70's when I did this painting. My paintings were very simplistic & graphic at this time. Elaine was a Bad Ass Grandma that rode Knuckleheads all her life growing up in the Chicago area. I used her bike in a painting and tried to sell it for a year or so to no avail. While I was at a HOG ralley in Albuquerque, Willie G. Davidson walks through admiring my painting. I asked him to sign it. He say's why? He doesn't like signing things just to increase their value. I get it. So I tell him about Elaine, and I was going to give her the painting, as it wasn't selling, and it should be hers anyway.

Willie signs the painting, I give it to Elaine, she's ecstatic! She writes a Thank You letter to Willie. He responds! Turns out they rode in the same groups in the 50's going to Hills Climbs and Races throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. They become pen pals and I became friends with both. The good karma thing works!

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in Paradise Valley AZ. 1993

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