Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse


In 1994 H-D came out with a revised version of an older model and called it The Road King. I had been going to Sturgis for quite a few years and went by the Crazy Horse Sculpture annually. With the slow progression of this sculpture, I thought this won't be finished in my lifetime. So I decided to finish it!

The Black & Silver paint scheme of the Road King worked perfectly in this Black & White painting from 1994. I fudged out the H-D logo and changed the fender lettering to Rude King. The Motor Company didn't see my humor and sent me cease & desist paperwork on this image. Prints were produced and only a few are on the market. An extremely rare edition. They have lightened up over the years. My friendship with Willie G. has helped, I'm sure. A very large and early painting 4' x 5'.

The Original Painting is in a Private Collection in Florida. 1994

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