We've all had this vision in our mirror! I pushed this one to the limits and added an 800 h.p. squad car I encountered in Phoenix. Look closer and discover the buried tach and the riders thumb on the juice (nitrous button). The Phoenix cop car I used was a drag race car called "Blue by You". A confiscated drug car was built and raced by the Phoenix PD and was the Chief's pet project. I had his card and a get out of jail free pass for years. All the local cops knew my bikes and kept watch over my home & family while I was on the road. Thanks Guy's!

Willie G. didn't find the humor in this painting as he thought the bike was outrunning the cops. I pointed out the fact that the cop was in the other lane and maybe they were racing? He kind of grumbled and walked away. I was glad he took enough time to reflect on my art! Willie is a cool guy and we get to chat usually once a year.

The Original Painting is in a private collection in Las Vegas NV. 1998 C

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